Sighting Report: Nottingham

Posted by Our UFO Society on 18th September, 2011 in UK UFO Sightings

Name: gary brennan

Sighting Location: Hucknall,Nottingham NG15 7PJ

Sighting Time & Date: 17 september 2011 21:20-25

Sighting Details: i was standing on the back garden smoking a cigarette and noticed a string of lights moving from east to west in a snake like fashion,  it moved in a very regular timed pattern there were around at least 8-10 lights in the configuration which was consisting of around 6-8 in the body and two in a “prong” at the top end (facing south)it must have covered around at least a mile or more in under a few seconds.i know it wasn’t a string of balloons or something else as it moved with such precise movements like a sidewinder snake but much faster. As to how big it was i can only guess the lights weren’t as bright as the stars and the 2 on the end were slightly dimmer than the others but it must have been way over 100ft in length,this has screwed my head up it swam thru the sky like a snake.thats the only description i can give ..i still question what i saw.

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