Sighting Report: Dumfries & Galloway

Posted by Our UFO Society on 16th February, 2014 in UK UFO Sightings

Name: Rachel Orrell

Sighting Location: Dumfries and Galloway

Sighting Time & Date: 5/12/13 13:12

Sighting Details: took 2 pics, seen whilst driving. Appeared as bright white light, stationary (on a windy day) then moved to the left, pulled over, took 2 pics, in photos it is seen as 3 balls in a triangular formation.

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Sighting Report: Barkingside

Posted by Our UFO Society on 16th February, 2014 in UK UFO Sightings

Name: alex

Sighting Location: barkingside

Sighting Time & Date: 12/20/2013

Sighting Details: flickering lights, slight shades of blu/red. did not look like a helicopter of airplane, the light wound never go off just flicker a bit. Tried to film with iphone, but it couldnt get the light source so video fully black. From barkingside, it was 66 degrees NE from barkingside according to my iphone compass, verified twice.been watching it for 20 minutes now it is still not moving just flickering. Ot is definetly not a star, it kinda resembles airplanes lights on landing only problem is they dont turn them on mid flight and the light isnt moving just staying there.told my brother about it, he was very sceptical, then when he had a look he agreed it looked odd and definetly not a helicopter or an airplane.

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Sighting Report: Tyne & Wear

Posted by Our UFO Society on 16th February, 2014 in UK UFO Sightings

Name: James McGregor & Janette Edwards

Sighting Location: Whitley Bay, Tyne & Wear

Sighting Time & Date: 14.12.2013   06:00, 06:45, 07:30

Sighting Details: Viewing the 14.12.2013 meteor shower on the rocks/cliffs of seafront of Whitley Bay between the hours of 04:30 and 07:30.
Many meteors/shooting stars were also sighted and this was very nice but the other lights, were not stars meteors or planes of any common knowledge to the best of my belief.
Lights were first spotted directly overhead the lights only flashed on and then remained off for longer than your standard airline plane also there was defiantly only one light, no tail lights or any for the wings (green or red) also no trail, living at the coast my whole live i know the airlines use St. Mary\’s lighthouse as a transit point for Newcastle Airport, so have  seen many planes in the sky in the past, the lights moved in a zigzag fashion then disappeared completely (06:00)
Then at 06:45 a new star had appeared also directly above, forming a perfect looking equilateral triangle with the handle of the \’Big Dipper\’ the star began to orbit in circles around the point it had previously been stationed at, then starting moving across the night sky towards Jupiter, very fast, to high for a plane, one solid glowing circular white light, resembled a star, more agile and nimble than a plane, could move in directions that a plane could not, stop and change direction, lost sight of it in the distance (06:45)
On the way home, as it was now dawn, another star like, omnidirectional solid glowing object appeared in the sky, looked as if it was within our atmosphere, flying south across the horizon, paused for a moment, flashed intensely then changed direction and began to fly north towards Sirius the brightest star in the sky (07:30)

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Sighting Report: Oswestry

Posted by Our UFO Society on 16th February, 2014 in UK UFO Sightings

Name: mr r gray

Sighting Location: unicorn road oswestry

Sighting Time & Date: evening of welsh roswell sighting

Sighting Details: walking along unicorn rd oswestry towards whittington rd i noticed a sphere about the size of a normal moon it was blue/purple/red in colour and moving fast and silent without leaving a trail in the night sky, it was beautiful colouring and seemed just above the roof tops. when i got home i told my wife about what i had seen 5 mins earlier and then she felt a strong vibration, but i never noticed that, i know it was long ago but i have to say on looking at google maps of berwyn mnt its seems to be moving away towards chester and the ground shake/vibration came after i had seen the sphere, i hope that someone can make sence of it sincerely ray.

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Sighting Report: Derby

Posted by Our UFO Society on 16th February, 2014 in UK UFO Sightings

Name: Mr P

Sighting Location: Derby

Sighting Time & Date: 11pm Monday 9th December

Sighting Details: While locking the gate to my work premises, I noticed it was a very clear sky with a lot of stars visible. On glancing about the sky, a certain object immediately caught my eye to the SE of my position, about a mile or so away. It was a very bright pulsating light, changing (very quickly) through white, yellow, purple, green, red, blue, but had no sequence or noticeable patten, and sometimes 2 colours at once. It hovered stationary for about 2 minutes, but seemed to be vibrating in the sky (like a jumping bean). It then moved around in very fast zig zags before hovering again. I watched this for around 10-12 minutes before it disappeared while hovering. I tried to take a picture and video using my phone, but it was too dark and too far away for the phone’s camera to pick it up.
I’m quite familiar with planes, helicopters, etc. so can without a doubt dismiss that what I’d witnessed was not a conventional aircraft of any kind. The object, while zig zagging changed direction instantly while maintaining a VERY high speed.
It appeared quite violent, as it made no slow or smooth movements. There seemed to be no acceleration, just instant speed and it returned to a hovering position just as suddenly.
I’ve always had a keen interest in UFO’s and the paranormal, but this experience has left me quite shaken and unnerved.
The objects position during the time I watched it was pretty much over the centre of Derby. I would hope that many others also witnessed this!

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Sighting Report: Bristol

Posted by Our UFO Society on 16th February, 2014 in UK UFO Sightings

Name: Ben Hiron-Grimes

Sighting Location: Keynesham, Bristol

Sighting Time & Date: 2004/05 September about 8-9pm

Sighting Details: We were celebrating a friends birthday at a house on the edge of Keynesham. A friend and I and 3 children were in the garden.
First we saw a red triangle hovering in the sky and then moments later it was above us and hovering.
We all stopped playing and stared upwards transfixed.  It was huge, it covered the skyline so you had to look almost horizontally to see the sky at all.
I can’t start to guess how big it was. My guess was that it was maybe 50 ft up in the sky judging by  the roofs of the surrounding houses.
It was covered in lights that just floodlit the garden.  Then it moved upwards and within a minute it had totally disappeared.
At the time we all just went inside and nothing more was said.
A couple of days later I had this strange feeling that I was in some kind of emotional free fall, and then I remembered.  I think this response it quite common when you have experienced something entirely ‘alien’ because you have no reference points at all.
I called my friend who was with me and she recited the event very much as I just have.  Here daughter had drawn some pictures of it without any prompting or conversation about it.

It was virtually silent – its method of levitation was nothing I have ever seen.

It was the size that shocks me, this was no ‘light in the sky’ – it blocked the whole sky.. i don’t know how else to describe it.

I don’t know what it was, I have never heard an explanation that even comes close except. It was totally alien to me that’s all I know

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Sighting Report: Hemel Hempstead

Posted by Our UFO Society on 16th February, 2014 in UK UFO Sightings

Name: Yvette Costall

Sighting Location: Hemel Hempstead

Sighting Time & Date: 2003-20012 in daylight hours

Sighting Details: Around our house in Hemel Hempstead myself and my husband sighted strange rods in the air. The rods appeared during daylight hours and were visible to the naked eye. We could see them outside the house when we were inside  and also when we were just in the garden. They appeared about 4m from the ground and did not appear above the top windows of the house. They were no more than 2m from the house. The rods were in large groups -of maybe 50 objects.  They were 50_70cm long and were light in colour and appeared to have a shadowed edge. My husband and myself saw these independently many times in the years we lived in this house. The phenomenon had not stopped when we left the house in 2012. We saw them several times a week. If someone went to look I am sure they would still be there now. We both have found it strange that we have never thought to investigate them, or photograph them before. We wonder of there is an explanation for these odd objects and if anyone else has ever reported it.

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Sighting Report: Barnet

Posted by Our UFO Society on 16th February, 2014 in UK UFO Sightings

Name: Andrew Granath

Sighting Location: Barnet, North London

Sighting Time & Date: 28th Nov 2013 18-05

Sighting Details: I was in my back garden when  I saw in the eastern sky a line of 12  pink/orange bright lights processing across the sky in a south west direction. They were at an angle of about 35 degrees, moved silently and took about 5 minutes to disappear from view.

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Sighting Report: Kent

Posted by Our UFO Society on 16th February, 2014 in UK UFO Sightings

Name: daniel gifford

Sighting Location: canterbury kent

Sighting Time & Date: 1730   29th november 2013

Sighting Details: triangle shape red neon light all around it .green like spot lights .bright white light very weird .kept darting left to right very quick.then it circuled and disappeared .

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Sighting Report: Bradford

Posted by Our UFO Society on 16th February, 2014 in UFO News & Articles

Name: Carl Blythe

Sighting Location: idle ,Bradford,UK

Sighting Time & Date: 03/11/2012

Sighting Details: walking home from the shop late evening I looked up to notice an orange coloured orb flying overhead it was moving in a way that was unusual as in there was no sound and it appeared to be more gliding not flying…it disappeared over the horizon.then another one appeared,disapeared over the horizon….then another one…so I rushed home to get my mobile and by that time I think it was about no 9 I managed to photograph..there were 11 orbs I saw on that night.

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